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Per Hagblom & Ann Michele Francouer

Per was borne in Östersund on August 12, 1955. He was raised and whent to school in Östersund, except for a year in Izrael (1967-1968).

After a year in Sundsvall he graduated as a engineer. Then he contiued studying at Umeå University. After some work abroad he finaly made his doctor´s dissertation.

As a doctor of medical science, Per worked in California, USA, where he met Ann Michele Francoure. Together they got the girls Ronja (1985) and Elin (1986). The family then moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where their son Robin was borne (1989).

Nowdays Per and Michele are divorced. Per lives in Uppsala and 
Michele in Montreal.

Ronja Francoeur Hagblom

Ronja is married to Shaul Soroka since 2006. They go X children: Rachel (2007), Miriam (2009), Hadassa (2011), Devan (2014) and Asher (2016).

Elin Francoeur Hagblom

Elin is marride to Charbel Karam since 2012. They were then separated and she is now married to Mr. O'Donnel. They have a daughter named Brooke, borne on March 17, 2017.