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Pehr Hagblom & Segri Olofsdotter

Pehr "Petter" Hagblom was borne on November 18 or 19, 1786, in Härnösand. The priest could have been Erik Hesselgren (1715-1803). Petter came to work as a mason in Härnösand.

Segri Olofsdotter became his wife on November 14, 1812, in Själevad. She was borne in Själevad village, less than 100 kilometers northeast from Härnösand. Together they got five children - Olof Petter (1813), Anders Jakob (1815), Anna Kajsa (1819), Brita Stina (1822) and Erik (1827).

Pehr died in February 1835, less than 50 years of age. Segri died in September 1841, at the age of 53.

Olof Petter Hagblom

Olof was borne in 1813 and became a sailor. One tripp we know of is as second in command (bästeman) on Neptunus with captain Eric Nordlander. They saild from Härnösand on August 25, 1842, and arrived in Stockholm on December 7, 1842. For this he got 10 riksdaler and had to get home to Härnösand by him self.

Anna Kajsa Hagblom

Anna Kajsa married Axel Theodor Boström in 1844. He was borne in Stockholm on Januari 22, 1822. They got four children: Dorothea (1844), Theodor (1848), Esther Sigrid (1851) and Anna Lovisa (1854). The three latest was all borne in Härnösand.

Brita Stina Hagblom

Brita Stina married Jöns Jansson Hellström, borne in 1820. They got one daughter, Katarina Charlotta, borne in Härnösand on April 28, 1855.

The County Residency in Härnösand from 1791.

The original church record from 1786.