The Sandelin family

The Sandelin story goes back to Persia. Thure Spahandelin accompanied Hovstallmästare (Crown equerry) Thure Bielke to Sweden sometimes between 1552 and 1600. Then Thure Spahandelin got baptized in Stockholm, named after his home town Ispahan. The name was later changed to Sandelin. One of Thure's descendants - Mårten Sandelin - was raised to the peerage on 1719 with the name Sandelhjelm.

Lea Edit Åberg was the daughter of Nanny Augusta Sandelin, borne on November 9, 1861. Nanny Augusta married Inspektor Olof Åberg from Alnö, Sundsvall. Olof Åberg was borne on September 15, 1859.

Nanny Augusta´s father was Possessionat (landed proprietor) Carl Fridolf, borne on January 22, 1826, in Hertzöga, Skåne. On August 11, 1858, Carl Fridolf married Nanny Olivia Stenström, borne in Karlstad on December 6, 1838. Nanny Olivia was the daughter of Rådman (member of the magistrat's court) Per Stenström and Margarete Sofie Avelin from Grangärde in Dalarna.

Carl Fridolf´s father Thure Georg was borne on June 14, 1779. Thure Georg was the Häradshövding (district judge) in Sandbäcken, Karlstad, and married Hedwig Swedenius. Thure George died on March 12, 1829, at the age of 49 years. His wife lived until October 26, 1853.
Thure Georg´s father Johan (Jan) was borne in Nyved, Värmland on November 8, 1749. Johan was also a Häradshövding (district judge), in Rottneros, Värmland.

Johan´s father Thure Johansson Sandelin was borne on June 19, 1701. Thure was a Häradshövding and Lagman (district judge) in Filipstad, Frykdals-Elvdal, Kils, Ny, Eds, Bergslag and Karlstad. He was also a member of the parliament.

On January 16, 1733, Thure married Brita Maria Olofsdotter Linnartsson. She was borne on September 4, 1712, and was the daughter of Bruksägare (Iron master) Olof Linnartsson.

Thure Johansson Sandelin´s father Johan was a Fältkommissarie (field commissary), married to Maria Schytter, the daughter of Lars Schytter. Johan died on 1749. 

Johan Sandelin´s father was Kyrkoherde (rector) Thure Mårtensson Sandelius, borne in Finland.

Thure Mårtensson Sandelius' father was Mårten Spahandelin, who moved from Sweden to Finland.

Mårten Spahandelin´s father was Thure Spahandelin, who accompanied Hovstallmästare (Crown equerry) Thure Bielke, sometimes between 1552 and 1600 from Persia to Sweden. Thure Spahandelin got baptized in Stockholm, named after his home town Ispahan.