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Oskar Hagblom & Lea Åberg

Ernst Oskar Hagblom was borne in Härnösand on August 15, 1883. He went to school from 1890 and was confirmed in 1897. Oskar worked in his fathers stores when he were not doing his military service in Sollefteå 1904 (112 days), 1905 (30 days) and 1906 (30 days). Thereafter he worked for different lumber-companys (Sjönell & Sundström, Sandvik sellulosa and Skönviks). Among other tasks he worked outdoor with roadbuilding and as a superior raftsman.

Oskar married Lea Edit Åberg in 1918,  the daughter of Nanny Augusta Sandelin and  Olof Åberg. Lea was borne on January 21, 1897, on the Baltic island of Alnö, outside the city of Sundsvall.

Oskar and Lea started their marriage in Haverö, Östavall. Haverö lies by the valley of river Ljungan, where their son Bengt was borne in 1920. After 1925 they lived in Stavre (Stenbecksgården), in the parish of Revsund. During The Continuation War (1941-1944), Helena (1938- ) became a part of the Hagblom family.

After a period of reumatic sicknes Oskar had to stop working outdoors and became a book-keeper. At wintertime he still, however, had to count the logs of lumber that had been gathered on the ice of the lakes. Many times his work had to be carried out when the cold was severe. Although, he never got cold hands writing down the numbers from the logs. During these periods he also wove afur coat from woll. He also got peptic ulcer in 1935, 1937 and in 1949 he got surgery.

Oskar ended up as a principal book-keeper in Ånge, Östavall and Stavre, and retired in October 1946 to Eriksberg in Bräcke. He died in 1962 while his whife Lea lived until 1971.