Brita Hagblom & Olof Hamrén

Brita Hagblom was borne in Berge on October 22, 1780. The same day she was baptised. The witnesses were: Mr. Captain (Herr Ryttmästarrien) Anders Örbom, the mothers brother Farmer (Bond.) Jöns Jacobsson from Torvalla, Dragoon Jonas Sellin, Farmhand (Dräng) Bror Andersson from Odensala and Erik Andersson from Lund, Madameoiselle Anna Helena Örbom, Mrs. (Hust) Lisbeth Jönsson from Torvalla, Mrs. (H.) maid Stina Pehrsdotter from Berge, Maid Magdalena Pehrsdotter, Edit and Marta Adersdotter from Grytan. The priest would have been Wilhelm Gustaf Zetterberg (1736-1807).

Anders Örbom (II) could be the one borne in Siberia in 1720 and Anna Helena Örbom (borne 1758) his daughter.

On September 29, 1811, Brita married Olof Hamrén in Härnö. He was born in Långsele on April 23, 1787. There daughter Anna Brita was borne in Härnösand on December 14, 1812. And their son Olof was borne in Härnösand on March 24, 1816.

Anna Brita Hamrén

Anna Brita Hamrén married Anders Petter Wikström in 1844. He was borne in Åmål on November 11, 1815. They got four children in Härnösand: Anna Charlotta (1845), Johan Fredrik (1847), Karl Petter (1849) and Emma Kristina (1852).

Olof Hamrén

Olof married Anna Stina Burström, borne on October 22, 1823. They god three children in Härnösand: Jonas Olof (1842), Brita Kajsa (1844) and Oscar (1847).

The original church record from 1780.