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Olof Hagblom & Brita Jakobsdotter

Olof Olofsson Hagblom was borne in 1747, in the village of Haga, Lockne parish. HIs fathers namn must have been Olof. On March 11, 1765, he enlisted as a dragoon for Jämtlands Regiment (Brunflo Compagnie, Andra Corporal Skapet, No 39).

On November 13, 1774, he married Brita Jacobsdotter in The Church of Brunflo. Brita was the daughter of farmer Jacob Andersson (1714-1756) and Brita Jönsdotter (1719-1805) in Torvalla village, Brunflo parish, just north from Lockne. Brita was borne on January 23, 1748.

Olof and Brita´s firs child, Jakob, was borne in 1776 in Berge, were also Brita came to birth on October 22, 1780. Three years later, on October 4, 1783, their second son Olof met life in Räggen (Räggmarken).

Some how they ended up at Kapelberget in Härnösand, where their son Pehr was borne in 1786 - one year before Olof got his resignation from the regiment, due to his Hernia (
scrotalis?). Although, he had served well.

When Olof junior went to school in Härnösand in 1799-1800, Olof senior was registered as "worker".

Olof died in Härnösand from his Hernia (or the following peritonitis and/or sepsis?) on April 16, 1816. Brita died of age on January 15, 1820, in Härnösand.