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Jakob Hagblom & Kristina Andersdotter

Jakob Hagblom was born in Berge in 1776. He later married Kristina Andersdotter, borne in 1789. They got four children: Brita Kajsa (1808), Stina Greta (1818), Anna Lisa (1824) and Olof (1811). All seamed to be borne in Härnösand.

Brita Kajsa Hagblom

Brita Kajsa got a daughter named Johanna Josephine on December 22, 1837.

Olof Hagblom

On July 6, 1834, Olof married the maid Christina Dunder. She was borne in Lindesnäs, Nås, on October 7, 1798 - the daughter of the nailing smith Johan Hindersson Dunder (1772-1836) from Älvsjön, Gåsborn, and Stina Pålsdotter (1767- ) from Skifsen, Säfsnäs. The wedding took place in Härnösand.

 In Västanå, Viksjö, Olof and Cristina rainsed a daughter named Anna Charlotta, borne on Februari 28, 1822. The father could have been Isac Åberg?

Olof was registered as pauper (fattighjon) in the census of 1890.