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Henrik Hagblom & Lena

Henrik was borne in Östersund on March 9, 1961. He grew up and whent to school in Östersund, except for a year in Izrael (1967-1968) and one in West Pakistan (1970-1971), where he whent to Karachi American School.

After business college in Östersund Henrik worked as a shop-assistant, besides singing and playing the guitarr with his pop-group. During that time he also made his military service, both in Boden and in Uppsala.

From 1982 Henrik studied business at Umeå University. In 1985 he moved to Stockholm, working with business consultance for the Swedish defense. In 1989 Henrik was recruited to Uppsala University Hospital, where he ended up as a business controller for the service sector. After moving to Uppsala he also met Lena.

Henrik and Lena moved to Östersund, where their son Oscar was borne (
1998). Henrik worked there for Jämtland-Härjedalen Tourism Federation as their Cheif Finacial Officer and assistent direktor. After two years in Jämtland the family moved back to Uppsala, where their daughter Emma was borne (2000). He then worked as a school-manager in Sollentuna for over a decade.

The family now lives in the center of Uppsala, although Henrik works in Norrtälje with management of health care, medical care and care of elder and disables. Lena works as allways at Uppsala University hospital.
Henrik in Badhusparken 1982.