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Erik Hagblom & Helena Lindblom

Erik Abraham Hagblom was borne in 1827 in Härnösand, where he came to worke as a saddler. When he was eight years old his father died. Six years later he lost his mother.

In October 1854 Abraham married Helena Sofia Lindblom, borne in 1828 in Härnösand. She was the daughter of the shipp-owner Olof Lindblom (1789-1831) and Sofia Holmer (1789- ). The marrige was probably arranged in a hurry, because of their pregnancy. Their son Karl Erik Oskar was borne in Härnösand two month later, on December 17, 1854.

Their son Per Olof was borne on January 31, 1857, in Härnösand. He later also became a saddler. Per Olof married Mätra Öberg and they got many children: Fanny Fransina Amalia (1877), Göta Kristina (1780), Karl Ossian Olof (1881), Einar Waldemar (1884), Fritz Alexander (1886-1954), Märta Emilinda Sofia (1887), Per Axel (1889), Erik Johan Emil (1891), Sven Oskar (1893), Svea Arvida (1895), Signe Elvira & Gösta Tolfve (1897) and Ernst (?).

Erik Abraham died 1878, in Säbrå outside Härnösand. Helena Sofia died in Härnösand in 1896, at the age of 68.

The ship "Försiktigheten" passes Hemsön in Härnösand.