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Bengt Hagblom & Inga-Britt Melin

Bengt Uno Hagblom was borne on January 7, 1920, in Haverö, Östavall. He graduated as a student from Härnösand´s highschool in 1940.

Bengt enlisted in the Swedish army artillery during the second world war, served The United Nations by the Suez-canal in 1967-1968 and retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1970. The year after, he sold military aircraft and artillery in West Pakistan.

Bengt married Inga-Britt Melin, a post-office-cashier, in 1946. She was borne in Luleå on December 15, 1920. Bengt and Inga-Britt settled in Östersund, where they raised four children - Gunilla (1947), Håkan (1950), Per (1955) and Henrik (1961).

After having retired from his military service in 1970, Bengt, among other engagements, worked as principal and teacher at a fishing-school in Rörvattnet, in northern Jamtland - he was a pasioned angler. He also wrote a history-book (more than 500 pages) to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of his Royal Artillery Regiment of Norrland (ISBN 91-630-0870-X).

Bengt died on March 1, 2004, probably by another stroke. Inga-Britt lived until December 11, 2011.