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Aron Hagblom

posted 28 Dec 2011, 04:17 by Henrik Hagblom   [ updated 2 Jan 2012, 13:18 ]
An Aron Hagblom should have been borne in 1763, in Berge, Brunflo parish - acording to the Mormons (link). Could he have been Olof Olofsson Hagblom's brother? In that case their father Olof also should have had the familyname Hagblom.

Or, could Aron be the son of a former dragoon at Jämtland's regiment, also named Hagblom? Maby Aron's father was that dragoon, as well as Olof Olofsson Hagblom's (he enlisted in 1765)?

How ever, this Aron married Lisbet Andersdotter from Haga in 1798. She was borne on November 19, 1773. He died on May 21, 1840.

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The defense tower by Brunflo church.